Brazil for Jesus

"The Mission of the Church is Missions"

Profile in brief
Martin and Chamine have been married for 28 years and are the proud parents of two beautiful children, Twyla and Josh. They pioneered and pastored the Picton Worship Centre in Trinidad for six years where they built a new building before resigning to go on the mission field.  Prior to his pastorate, Rev. Mc Dowell worked at the Brazilian Embassy in Trinidad for two years where he learned to speak Portuguese and became familiar with the people and their culture.  A graduate of the West Indies School of Theology, this missionary believes that God has given him the ability and opportunity to reach the Brazilians with the Gospel message and to minister to the many needs existing in Brazil.  They have been on the field since 2002.

BIRTHDAYS:- Martin - 16/02; Chamine - 11/07; Twyla - 25/05; Josh - 19/06

ANNIVERSARY: - February 15th

Area of Ministries

The McDowells started working with underprivileged children giving gymnastic classes, now along with three weekly English classes, Sunday Morning English Worship Service, Sunday School, A Children feeding  program, and with the help of The Agape Puppet they now have a full team of puppeteers traveling throughout Brazil sharing the love of God through puppet presentations. This ministry is literally reaching thousands of Brazilians with the Gospel message.

A little a bout Brazil.

Brazil covers an area of 8,511,965km with a population of approximately 175 million inhabitants. More than 85 million live in absolute poverty. Over 10 million children live on the streets of Brazil fostering a high rate of children prostitution, drug abuse, robbery, exploitation, kidnapping, assassinations, and teenage pregnancy. Catholicism is the country's largest religion, but all faiths are freely practiced there, even Obeah and witchcraft.


"The mission of the Church is missions"

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